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237 S. Liberty Street at the corner of Chestnut and Liberty Streets just north of downtown.  There are three “pharmacy” parking spots in front as well as plenty of off-street parking nearby.

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These are standard instructions for one paper bag making 2 days of worth of tea

Cook in stainless steel, glass, or earthenware (Avoid aluminum and iron)

Standard Instructions:

  1. Pour all loose herbs from 1 paper bag into 10 cups spring water and pre-soak 30-45 minutes.
  1. After pre-soaking, bring to a boil and cook at a low-medium boil mostly covered for 50 minutes.
  1. Strain resulting tea into a glass container/s
    • Divide the total strained liquid equally into 2 jars, one jar for each day.
    • Divide 1 day of tea into 3 equal doses
    • Drink at morning, mid day and evening 30 min before, or 45 min after a meal.
    • Store decocted herbs in the refrigerator, warm or allow to come to room temperature before drinking.

* Check for a plastic baggie in your herb mix, if there is one, follow the instructions written on the baggie.

        •  If the instructions are to cook the herb in the baggie extra time, Simmer covered for the number minutes indicated prior to adding the rest of the pre-soaked herbs. Make sure herb remains covered with 1 inch of water during cooking. Pre-soak other herbs while this herb simmers.

Practitioner Alex performs ortho-bionomy on a patient





Ortho-Bionomy® is a gentle, non-invasive bodywork therapy that re-educates the body through self-corrective reflexes to find ease and balance.

  • Provides relief from chronic & acute pain.
  • Promotes restorative rest.
  • Encourages faster healing from injuries.
  • Supports natural, pain-free body alignment.
  • Increases ease of movement.
  • Nurtures the body in recovery from trauma.


Moxibustion (Moxa) is the crushed leaves of Artemesia arygi Folium.  This herb is used internally in decoctions, topically in salves and liniments, and is burned above the skin for its healing and warming properties.  The burning of moxa is strong to stimulate healing, alleviate pain, and restore function.  

In cupping glass cups are applied to the body using suction; the cups are either left stationary, or are moved over an area by the practitioner.  Cupping can reduce muscular tension and joint pain, alleviate cough, and loosen phlegm stuck in the lungs.


Tui Na is Chinese medical massage.  Tui Na uses various massage techniques to address many different conditions.  Tui Na may be incorporated into your acupuncture appointment as indicated.


Gua Sha is the use of a rounded-edge massage tool with a scraping motion across the skin.  Gua Sha can be used to help shorten the duration of a cold, reduce coughing, alleviate muscle tension, and open the channels.



Acne  :  Addiction  :  Adrenal Fatigue  :  Allergies  :  Anxiety  :  Asthma  :  Autoimmune Disorders  :  Back Pain  :  Cancer  :  Chemotherapy Side Effects  :  Colitis  :  Common Cold  :  Constipation  :  Cramping  :  Crohn’s  :  Depression  :  Diabetes  :  Diarrhea : Earaches  :   Eczema  :  Flu  :  Gastrointestinal Issues  :  Headaches  :  High Blood Pressure  :  Hypertension  :  Hyperthyroidism  :  Hypothyroidism  :   Infertility  :  Insomnia  :  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  :  Lack of Energy  :  Menopausal Symptoms  :  Menstrual Disorders  :  Migraines  :  Miscarriage  :  Morning Sickness  :  MS  :  Muscular Pain  :  Neuralgia  :  Night Sweats  :  Osteoarthritis  : Pediatrics  :  Prostate Health  :  Rheumatoid Arthritis  :  Sciatica  :  Sexual Dysfunction  :  Sinus Infections  :  Stress  :  Stroke Recovery  :  Tendinitis  :  Tinnitus  :  Ulcers  :  Weight Regulations


Although our clinic is not able to accept insurance at this time, we do have patients who file directly with their insurance companies.  We simply provide an itemized receipt for your acupuncture visit.  Depending on your insurance, some companies cover both the acupuncture treatment and supplements.  We advise patients to check with their insurance company first.

We are able to accept HSA’s (Health Savings Account) at Silver Leaf Natural Medicine.  Again, we advise patients to check with their insurance company first to be sure.  Questions?  Call Maranda at the front desk: 828.254.0353.

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