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What is Essential Oil Medicine?

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got …

Lissa Juedemann: Lissa Juedemann.

Jeremy Ashburn: We’re at Silver Leaf Natural Medicine, local acupuncturists in Asheville, and today we’re just the main questions that patients ask you throughout the year. I know you guys work with essential oils, so the first one I could think of is what is essential oil medicine?

Lissa Juedemann: Okay. Well, essential oils are extracted from the plants via some distillation process. There’s a couple different ones that are used. What you’re left with is really the essence of the plant. That’s the idea of essential oils. The oils themself are very strong, very therapeutic, usually used in dilution for that reason, and really have strong, therapeutic effect.

Jeremy Ashburn: That’s great. What kind of training do you need to receive to actually work with essential oils?

Lissa Juedemann: Well, the essential oil training that we have here at Silver Leaf Natural Medicine is a little bit different than typically what you’ll find out there, and the reason for that is that we are trained in essential oils through the lens of Chinese medicine, so one of the ways that it’s different is that we use oils almost exclusively in formulation, just the same way we do with Chinese herbs. We don’t use a whole lot of single oils. We’re creating a balanced, individualized formula for each patient. Then, we also, like I said, we’re looking at it through the lens of Chinese medicine, so that’s a little bit different as well. We’re looking at the state of chi and blood and essence and these different things that we’re working with, so it’s just a little bit of a different way of diagnosing and treating.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay. How would you say you use essential oils in your practice?

Lissa Juedemann: Yeah, we use them a lot of different ways. That’s a great question. Sometimes we use them instead of needles, so we use essential oils direct on points, have the patient … We do the same intake process, the patient is lying on the table nice and comfortable and we just apply a small amount of oil to acupuncture points. It’s great for patients that are a little bit needle-phobic or needle-wary. Then, we use them in formulation topically on different areas of the body. We use them through inhalation, so we have a couple different ways of delivering inhalation. Yeah, and they can be used for all different types of conditions from really deep, internal conditions to pain relief and more sort of simpler, superficial things. Great for colds and flus.

Jeremy Ashburn: Well, thank you so much.

Lissa Juedemann: Yeah, we use them a lot. Yeah, thank you.

Jeremy Ashburn: That’s great. Well, if you want to hear more, just go to the website,, or give us a call at 828-254-0353, and we’d love to answer any questions and help you out.

Lissa Juedemann: Yeah. Thank you.

Jeremy Ashburn: Thanks a lot.

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