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Using a Chinese Medical Practitioner as Part of Your Health Team

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey, guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got Jeremy Noble with me, and we’re at Silver Leaf Natural Medicine, a local acupuncturist in Asheville, North Carolina, and today we’re asking questions that your clients and your patients ask you throughout the year. One of the questions that comes up is, why would someone consider having a Chinese medical practitioner? Why would someone consider having a Chinese medical practitioner as part of their healthcare team?

Jeremy Noble: It’s mostly because we kind of believe in the “all of the above” approach, and it’s great to have your primary care involved with your care, but we can assist any conditions that you’re already working on with your physician in a way where we’re slowly trying to get to the root of the problem so that you’re not just going to be constantly taking care of symptoms only. And that takes some time, but it’s also great to have your primary care, taking your labs, following your progress as well, so that if it becomes, if it’s a more difficult case, then we’re going to both need to be at our best and doing everything we can to get you the best results and in a safe manner. So it takes a little time to heal more difficult, chronic conditions, and it’s nice to have everybody on board, but it’s also nice to be seeking out the root cause and not just working at the symptom level.

Jeremy Ashburn: I’m sure as a, using a Chinese medical practitioner, your team’s going to be more well rounded.

Jeremy Noble: We do learn Western and Eastern medicine, so we’re very aware of the medications that our clients are on, and also able to work with them, and also look for the side effects that they should be experiencing or will likely experience on their Western meds …

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay.

Jeremy Noble: … and we can head those off with herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Jeremy Ashburn: Okay, so feel free to give them a call. Silver Leaf Natural Medicine, 828-254-0353, or, and also you can find them on social media. Thanks.

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