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What Kind of Conditions Are you Treating?

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey, guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got Lissa Juedemann with me, and we’re at Silver Leaf Natural Medicine. Now, Silver Leaf Natural Medicine is an acupuncturist right here in Asheville, North Carolina, and as you can see- I’ll stand out of the way here- we have this beautiful herbal pharmacy. You guys, you’re using herbs to treat all kinds of conditions, and sometimes you see really fast healings, and other times, it takes time. I wanted to ask you guys, what kind of conditions are you using, what kind of things are you working on right now with your patients-

Lissa Juedemann: Sure. Chinese herbal medicine can be a stand alone form of the medicine. It can really treat any type of condition, from cold or flu to orthopedic conditions and arthritis and pain to fertility, and then it gets as complicated as working with very deep and complicated autoimmune conditions. That’s something that Chinese herbs can be really helpful for. Places that maybe Western medicine and pharmaceuticals is a little bit stuck, using Chinese herbs can be a way to approach those conditions differently and we do have a lot of success with some of those stickier internal conditions that are difficult to resolve.

Jeremy Ashburn: Feel free to check them out on the web at or 828-254-0353. Thanks.

Lissa Juedemann: Thank you.


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