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What Are Your Most Challenging Issues?

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn. I’ve got Lissa-

Lissa Juedemann: Lissa Juedemann.

Jeremy Ashburn: We’re here at Silver leaf Natural Medicine. I’m just gonna move out of the way here. Look at this beautiful pharmacy. These guys are known as an herbal pharmacy in Asheville, North Carolina, for a variety of reasons. Today, we just wanted to ask some of the main questions that clients ask [throughout the year 00:00:23]. One of the questions that comes up consistently is, what is a more challenging condition that you’re using herbs or acupuncture or both to treat?

Lissa Juedemann: One thing that comes to mind is the signs and symptoms of menopause, which can be fairly tricky to resolve and can last a long time and be really uncomfortable for people. That is an area where we have quite a bit of success with Chinese herbs. It can be great to combine with acupuncture as well, but herbs in particular can get to the root of that problem and give people some much needed relief.

Jeremy Ashburn: It depends on the patient. Sometimes it can be in a couple weeks, in a couple months. Sometimes it takes longer.

Lissa Juedemann: Sure. I would say a few weeks to a couple of months is a reasonable expectation to kind of get on top of it and get where you’re feeling better.

Jeremy Ashburn: or 828-254-0353. Thanks a lot.

Lissa Juedemann: Thank you.

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