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Introduction to Our Herbal Pharmacy

Video Transcription

Hello. I’m Lissa Juedemann, here at Silver Leaf Natural Medicine, with Jeremy Ashburn today. Just taking a look at our herbal pharmacy. Here at Silver Leaf Natural Medicine we offer herbs in a variety of different forms. We have our beautiful wall here, of bulk herbs, that the patient takes home and cooks down into a decoction. Then, we offer herbs as well, in the granule form, still a very individualized formula, to the patient and what they have going on. It’s just a little bit of a simpler administration. You just add hot water and drink it. We also offer, right here is our essential oil pharmacy. We have a lovely, full pharmacy of essential oils that we use in a variety of different ways. Then over here, we offer some topical preparations, as well as capsules and pills. Some of this is over the counter things that patients can just come in and get. Thank you. Just go to or you can give us a call at 254-0353. Thank you.


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