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How Are you Different From Other Acupuncturists?

Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn, and I’ve got …

Lissa Juedemann: Lissa Juedemann.

Jeremy Ashburn: Today we’re just asking questions that clients ask them throughout the year, so we’re actually at Silver Leaf Natural Medicine. One of the questions that would come up that your patients can ask you, or prospective patients, would be, “How are you guys different from other acupuncturists in Ashveille?

Lissa Juedemann: Sure. For one, we provide a very thorough and individualized in-take and experience. Then, we do offer some additional services as well. We have a full, herbal pharmacy including bulk herbs, raw herbs, granules, and capsules, and then we also have a therapeutical laser, which is really amazing for orthopedic conditions and pain. Then, we work a little bit more with functional medicine than a lot of acupuncturists do, a lot of Chinese medicine practitioners do, so we encourage people to bring in their lab work and we’re happy to talk with doctors in other fields and make sure that people are getting the most thorough care they can.

Jeremy Ashburn: Wow. Well thank you so much. Feel free to give them a call at 828-254-0353, or go to, check us out on the web. We’re also on social media. Thanks a lot.

Lissa Juedemann: Thank you.


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