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Cold Laser Demo

Video Transcription

Jeremy Noble:Come on in. Welcome home.

I’m Jeremy Noble with Silverleaf Natural Medicine. I’m just going to demo our cold laser. In this case, we’ll do a little example of, maybe, a plantar fasciitis treatment.

The beauty of cold laser is it takes the same principles that we already use in our treatments, where we like to warm an area, bring in more blood flow. It just happens to do it a little quicker than our traditional approaches, because it’s a little bit more high powered, which is nice.

What’s nice about that, is it gets us to get rid of the branch problems, the symptoms, a lot quicker, so we can start focusing on the root condition. Whether it’s the person’s dehydrated, they don’t have enough blood moving into the area. They don’t have enough warmth in their body in the first place. Those things, we can help with acupuncture and herbs to prevent these issues from coming back. We kind of knock of the branch and start working on the root quicker.

It’s been really successful. I’ll just do a quick demo of plantar fasciitis.

We just focus on the area where the patient is having the most pain and then try to do adjoining fascia and ligaments. Each phase, each area, that we work on might take two minutes per spot. We can change how powerful it is, how warm it is to the client, depending on the seriousness of the condition, and how long it’s been there, or how much they can handle.

It’s highly effective. It has definitely helped us speed up the time of recovery in our clients.

The client doesn’t really feel very much, just some nice warmth that they tend to feel radiating afterwards coming from, kind of, within the injury area. The amount of treatments can vary from just a few to, maybe, six, depending on how long the issue’s been there.

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