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Silver Leaf Natural Medicine
est. 2010


Evan Bussanich founded Silver Leaf Natural Medicine five years ago with the determination to provide an in-depth, integrative approach to natural medicine. Voted ‘Best of WNC’ for the last three years, we combine modern and classical acupuncture and Chinese Herbal therapies, nutritional counseling, essential oils, classical homeopathy, and functional medicine support to provide outstanding care for a variety of conditions. From simple respiratory infections to complex autoimmune and endocrine disorders, our system of addressing the whole person has given us a strong record of clinical success.

Our goal is to provide:

  • The highest level of compassionate, holistic health care.
  • Knowledgeable collaboration with doctors, chiropractors, and all members of your healthcare team.
  • To offer safe, highly clinically effective herbal and nutritional supplements and products.




Evan Bussanich, L.Ac. Dipl. OM


As a practitioner of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Evan Bussanich feels deeply engaged with the problem solving required in difficult and complex conditions. Initially drawn to psychology and psychotherapy, he came to discover a comprehensive mind-body approach in Chinese medicine at a young age. He has studied and practiced for the last 16 years and is the co-owner of Silver Leaf Natural Medicine in Asheville, NC. Over the years he has been fortunate to train extensively in several approaches to acupuncture, including modern Chinese TCM, 5 Element, and classical styles of acupuncture, creating his own integrative approach tailored to meet the needs of the patient.

His main focus has been Chinese herbal medicine for internal conditions, where he has developed advanced protocols for successfully treating difficult and serious disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections (including Lyme), gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders, skin disorders, and neurological and hormonal imbalances.

Evan is a former instructor of Chinese Herbal Formulas at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, and a board certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine with the NCCAOM. He holds a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine.

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